# Author Title Year
#1 George Sitwell on Sacheverell Sitwell and Cecil Beaton Winter 2009
#1 Mark Inglefield Julian Maclaren Ross Winter 2009
#1 Philip Gumuchdjian Le Corbusier at Ronchamp Winter 2009
#1 Klaus Biesenbach Henry Darger Winter 2009
#1 Merlin James Sex and Picture Framing Winter 2009
#1 Alessandro Raho Vincent van Gogh Winter 2009
#1 Christian Flamm William Nicholson’s Alphabet, letter P Winter 2009
#1 Sacha Craddock Picpus commission: a woodblock print Winter 2009
#1 Keith Coventry Art at the Olympics Winter 2009
#1 Editorial (CA) The Origin of Picpus Winter 2009
#1 Travis Elborough reviews ‘Rank: Picturing the Social Order 1516–2009’ at The Grundy Art Gallery in Blackpool Winter 2009
#1 Editorial Marc Antony is Dead Winter 2009
#1 Mark Hix Silky Bisque Winter 2009
#1 Pablo Bronstein Scrap Centrepoint Winter 2009
#1 Kitty Kraus Dekaputcapitalization Winter 2009
#2 Antje Majewski Thutmose: An Egyptian Sculptor Spring 2010
#2 Michael Landy Picpus commission: a pyrograph drawing Spring 2010
#2 Michael Bird The Dark Monarch: Magic and Modernity in British Art at Tate St Ives reviewed Spring 2010
#2 Peter Peri Nikolai Fedorov Spring 2010
#2 Andreas Schlaegel Haute Sculpture: on John Bock Spring 2010
#2 Picpus Senior Citizens Magazine reviews Anish Kapoor Spring 2010
#2 Martin McGeown Sentiment de Fer Spring 2010
#2 Rowan Somerville Dying for an Idea – Thoughts on The Sacred Made Real by Rowan Somerville Spring 2010
#2 Ian Breakwell The Old Mine (1985) – A short story by Ian Breakwell Spring 2010
#2 Ian Hamilton Finlay Ian Hamilton Finlay responds to Waldemar Januszczak Spring 2010
#3 Murdo MacDonald Carved Celtic stone balls Summer 2010
#3 Joseph Grigely Joseph Grigely finds his pit-stop paradise Summer 2010
#3 Natasha Garnett Reclaiming Haiti’s Heriatge from the rubble Summer 2010
#3 Picpus The Accidental Masterpiece Summer 2010
#3 Alastair King Portraits of a King Summer 2010
#3 Sally O’Reilly Performance Night at the Thinkery – A Story by Sally O’Reilly Summer 2010
#3 Mark Leckey Vache Concrete or Ten years of Events Within a Contemporary British Art Gallery as Scripted by Itself Summer 2010
#4 Ronald Asprey Unfit Memorial: The Proposal Over Bomber Command Tribute Autumn 2010
#4 Andrew Wilson A Remedy Against Blight and Mildew: Ray Magazine Autumn 2010
#4 Suzie Gauntlett Monument to Ninette Autumn 2010
#4 Marc Camille Chaimowicz Jean Genet in Norfolk Autumn 2010
#5 Picpus Charlotte Posenenske (1930–1985) Manifesto First Published in Art International, May 1968 Spring 2011
#5 Jon Thompson Uncanny Tuesday Spring 2011
#5 Roger Cook Democratic Dandyism Spring 2011
#5 Sasha Rossman and Kriszrina Hunya Entartete Uncovered Spring 2011
#5 Spartacus Chetwynd Reign of the Fleas Spring 2011
#5 Alexandra Leykauf Burning Theatres and Film Breaks Spring 2011
#6 Kaelen Wilson-Goldie George Henein and Egyptian Surrealism Summer 2011
#6 Bice Curiger Tintoretto Summer 2011
#6 Picpus Of Blue Mould… Summer 2011
#6 John Berger A Letter to a Thief Summer 2011
#6 Paul O’Keeffe Henri Gaudier-Brzeska’s Knuckle-Duster Summer 2011
#7 Pele Cox Smoke: A Poem Autumn 2011
#7 Picpus The Wonderful World of Giovanni Battista Bracelli’s Bizzarie Autumn 2011
#7 Eve Peasnall Dora Maar’s Weeping Woman in a Red Hat c1937 Autumn 2011
#7 George Bataille Edouard Manet Autumn 2011
#7 Steven Connor On Smoke Autumn 2011
#7 David Fraser Jenkins Paul Nash’s Wittenham Clumps Autumn 2011
#7 A thief… A Thief Responds by ???? Autumn 2011
#7 Alan Borg The Origins of Tom and Jerry Autumn 2011
#8 Simon Martin Edward Burra’s Forgotten Photographic Album Spring 2012
#8 Ben Tufnell What Can a Sculpture Be? Spring 2012
#8 Jennifer Allen Love in Three Languages Spring 2012
#8 Jordan Wolfson Michel Majerus (1967–2002) Spring 2012
#9 Picpus We Celebrate Owen Jones, Architect and Designer (1809–1874) Summer 2012
#9 Picpus Pages from Paul Thek’s Notebooks Summer 2012
#9 Simon Barker, aka Six Snapshot Memories from a Punk Past Summer 2012
#9 Rachel Campbell-Johnston Don’t Be Drab Summer 2012
#9 Gregor Muir Everyone Needs a Window Summer 2012
#10 Peter Saville Colour Alphabet (Notebook Page 1983) Spring 2013
#10 Picpus Top Goon: Satire in Syria Spring 2013
#10 Christian Flamm Notes on an Underground Anthem: Die Gedanken sind frei Spring 2013
#10 Sacha Craddock Everything Was Moving: Photographs from the 60s and 70s reviewed Spring 2013
#10 Salomon Kroonenberg Excuse me, Is this the way to Hell? Spring 2013
#11 Bice Curiger Meret Oppenheim Summer 2013
#11 Alessandro Raho That Magical Element: The Photography of Slim Aarons Summer 2013
#11 Picpus The Games Master: Picpus Talks to the Man Behind Tetris, Alexey Pajitnov Summer 2013
#11 Cathy Collins Djenné: Mali’s Other Treasure House of Important Manuscripts Summer 2013
#12 Kirsty Bell From Buddha to Picasso: The collector Eduard von der Heydt at Museum Rietberg, Zurich reviewed Spring 2014
#12 Charlotte Goldney Percy Bysshe Shelley’s Seditious Pamphlets Spring 2014
#12 Joshua Abbott In Praise of…Modernist Factories Spring 2014
#13 Lucy K. Moore Magazines: A Golden Age Spring 2014
#13 Paul Buck Colette Thomas Spring 2014
#13 Lukas Duwenhogger Confluences Spring 2014
#13 Dave Hickey Pirates and Farmers Spring 2014
#14 Unknown photographers & combatants of World War I An issue devoted to previously unpublished images by unknown photographer/combatants of World War 1, sourced with help from The Archive of Modern Conflict in London. Our respects go to the amateur photographers of all ranks and armies who documented the realities of The Great War. Summer 2014
#14 Unknown photographer A Massive Explosion c1914 Summer 2014
#15 Jennifer Higgie Huguette Caland Spring 2015
#15 Christian Flamm Graphic Designer Benoit Hennebert Spring 2015
#15 Antony Hudek Adrien Henri Spring 2015
#15 Sean Snyder Amnesiac Registration: Or an Attempt to Track an Ephemeral Image Spring 2015
#16 Stephen Bayley You Want Glitzy New Cultural Centre in Backofbeyondistan? Don’t Call Shiegeru Ban Autumn 2015
#16 Fiona Banner I Am a Font Autumn 2015
#16 Lucy K. Moore Fashion Stories at Between Bridges, Berlin Autumn 2015
#17 Merlin James Louis M. Eilshemius: Legend of the Avant-Garde Summer 2016
#17 Lou Stoppard Raf Simons’ New Collection SS16 inspired by Mark Leckey’s Firoucci Made Me Hardcore (1999) Summer 2016
#17 Robbie O’Halloran Erika Verzutti Summer 2016
#18 Colin Lucas On Aesthetics Winter 2016
#18 Godfrey Worsdale My ancestor James Worsdale Winter 2016
#18 Picpus Book Covers Designed by Paul Nash (1889–1946) Winter 2016
#18 David Coke & Alan Borg The Vauxhall Pleasure Gardens: A History. Extracted from the book by David Coke and Alan Borg, (Yale University Press 2011) Winter 2016
#18 Simon Thompson & Ed Atkins Sky News Live Winter 2016
#18 Samuel Pepys Extracts from Pepys Diaries 1660–1669 Winter 2016
#18 Roger Cook The Art World as a Community of Those Who Have Nothing in Common Winter 2016
#19 Picpus In Praise of....K.O. Götz Autumn 2017
#19 Picpus The Folkton Drums Autumn 2017
#19 Saul Fletcher A Bruise Autumn 2017
#19 Matthew Antezzo On Polaroids Autumn 2017
#19 Andrew Hunt The Critic as Artist: A Manifesto Autumn 2017
#19 John Berger Turkey Then and Now. With a specially commissioned Turkish translation. Autumn 2017
#20 Kirsty Bell Black Flags: a work by the influential artist, curator, writer and teacher Ian White (1971–2013) Summer 2018
#20 Kito Nedo Gunter Fruhtrunk and his design for Aldi Summer 2018
#20 Hammad Nasar Cumbrian Cosmopolitanisms: Li Yuan-chia Summer 2018
#20 Gisela Schmalz Nothing as Seductive Summer 2018
#21 Picpus The Figures of Ain Ghazal Summer 2019
#21 Picpus Arabic Typography: Lara Assouad's Alphabet Summer 2019
#21 Picpus Alfred Kubin at The Lenbachhaus, Munich Summer 2019
#21 Kirsty Bell Cady Noland: An everyday hardware of brutality Summer 2019
#21 Sacha Craddock Alberto Savinio Summer 2019
#22 Picpus On Dementia: The Case of William Untermohle Autumn 2019
#22 Picpus .....et labora, curated by Bice Curiger at the Fondation Vincent Van Gogh, Arles Autumn 2019
#22 Picpus In memory: of Karsten Schubert 1961–2019 Autumn 2019
#22 Katie Puckrik The Japanese Fart Wars Autumn 2019
#22 Rosy Head Jean Cocteau’s ‘Salle des Marriages’ Autumn 2019
#23 Picpus A new artist’s book from Atelier E.B Summer 2020
#23 Christian Flamm Constructive Tendencies Summer 2020
#23 Michael Rosen These Are The Hands Summer 2020
#23 Rob Mullender-Ross Margaret Watts-Hughes Summer 2020
#23 Tenant of Culture Tenant of Culture talks about her work Summer 2020
#24 Picpus The Stelae of Axum Winter 2020
#24 Beca Lipscombe Master weaver Archie Brennan Winter 2020
#24 John Ashbery An extract from John Ashbery’s poem Self-Portrait in a Convex Mirror Winter 2020
#24 Katja Eichinger Escape From New York: Rem Koolhaas ‘Countryside The Future’ at The Guggenheim Winter 2020
#24 Louise Camu Imagine Otherwise Winter 2020
#24 Joseph Grigely Angling as Optimism Winter 2020
#undefined Fatima Hellberg on James Richards’s Qualities of Life: Living in the Radiant Cold undefined
#undefined Michael Bracewell on Beca Lipscombe and Mairi McKenzie’s Dressing Above Your Station: Fashion and Textiles in the Life and Work of the Artist Steven Campbell undefined
#1 Picpus The Origin of Picpus Winter 2009
#2 Picpus Extract from John Varley’s Zidiacal Physiognomy (1828) discussing William Blake’s drawing Ghost of a Flea (c1819) Spring 2010
#2 Michael Bracewell Electrifying Reverie: Marc Camille Chaimowicz at Secession, Vienna. Spring 2010
#3 Picpus On the work of Antony Gormley Summer 2010
#5 Picpus David Carr 1915–1968: Painter and Collector Spring 2011
#7 Picpus The Blacky Picture Test Autumn 2011
#undefined Mitchell Algus on the culture of consensus undefined
#undefined Juliette Blightman on Toyen undefined
#undefined Ian Kiaer on Joeun Kim Aatchim undefined
#4 Ian Kiaer Konstantin Melnikov’s Cylindrical House Autumn 2010
#4 Carl Williams From Bagism to Bombs Autumn 2010
#4 David Ekserdjian The Four Disgracers Autumn 2010
#undefined Vincent van Gogh on Franz Hals undefined
#5 Tom Burr Gravity Moves Me Spring 2011
#5 Sam Thorne Luigi Ghirri Spring 2011
#5 Saskia Draxler The Art of Heimo Zobernig Spring 2011
#6 Jonathan Griffin Bella Pacifica: Bay Area Abstraction 1946 to 1963 reviewed Summer 2011
#6 Alice Rawsthorn I Know Where I’m Going: The joy of Emeric Pressburger’s opening titles Summer 2011
#6 Titus Boeder Post-War Japanese Photo-Books Summer 2011
#6 John Lloyd Lifeless and Pointless: Marc Quinn Summer 2011
#8 Carl Williams The Spanish Holocaust Spring 2012
#8 Simon Grant Christopher Dresser: The Early Prophet of Natural Abstraction Spring 2012
#9 Margot Henderson Picpus Recipe: Rhubarb and Prosecco Jelly Summer 2012
#9 Simon Wilson Hans Bellmer’s Love Letter Summer 2012
#10 Picpus Revisiting Kenneth Clark’s Civilisation Spring 2013
#10 Alice Rawsthorn The Eccentric Monk and his Typewriter: On Dom Sylvester Houédard Spring 2013
#11 Ian Kiaer Ice-Age Modernism Summer 2013
#11 Picpus Ten Things That you Need to Know about Frank Walter Summer 2013
#11 Sam Thorne Who is Art Education For? Summer 2013
#12 Picpus Mark Tobey: An American Painter in Devon Spring 2014
#12 Picpus Want a new Face? A Brief History of 3D Printing Spring 2014
#12 Picpus The Whole Earth, Revisited Spring 2014
#12 Picpus Nancy Hatch Dupree and her Afghan Archive Spring 2014
#12 Simon Grant The Gee’s Bend Quilters Spring 2014
#13 Picpus Marek Piasecki: An Experimental Polish Photographer Rediscovered Spring 2014
#13 Picpus The Wayback Machine Spring 2014
#13 Picpus From Cow’s Urine to Canvas, The Curious Story of JMW Turner’s Indian Yellow Spring 2014
#13 Carl Williams The Patty Hearst Ident-I-Kit A.K.A. Hours of Fun 1974 Spring 2014
#15 Michael Bracewell Morrissey at the Los Angeles Sports Arena, 8pm, May 10th, 2014 Spring 2015
#15 Emily King Designer Anthony Symonds Spring 2015
#16 Charles Asprey Collecting Art: Where has all the love gone? Autumn 2015
#16 Picpus We Remember Khaled Al-Assad (1932–2015) Autumn 2015
#16 Simon Grant Charles Pollock and Sandu Darie Autumn 2015
#16 Jo Melvin William Coldstream & Film Autumn 2015
#17 Charles Asprey In Praise of Wooden Pencils Summer 2016
#17 Harry Thorne Jeff Keen: Artist, Film–Maker and Poet Summer 2016
#17 Gillian Wearing Remembering Jon Thompson (1936–2016) Head of Goldsmiths Dept of Art, Artist, Writer and Key Figure in Post–War British Art Summer 2016
#17 Simon Grant Georgiana Houghton: A Radical Spiritualist Artist Summer 2016
#19 Peter Freeman James Castle Autumn 2017
#20 Carl Williams The hidden world of Gabriel von Schnell Summer 2018
#20 Paul Lawrence Centro Design Montefibre's publication Decorattivo Summer 2018
#21 Charles Asprey Hell Ain't a Bad Place to be Summer 2019
#21 Camille Paglia On Alcohol and the National Minimum Drinking Age Act Summer 2019
#21 Camille Paglia On Kenneth Clark's The Nude (1956) Summer 2019
#21 Daniel Pflumm Hallo TV Summer 2019
#22 Charles Asprey Sean Scully: Flying by the Seat of his Pants Autumn 2019
#22 Picpus Jean Fautrier: ski instructor, jazz club owner, peripatetic printer, sculptor and painter Autumn 2019
#22 Picpus Jean Fautrier Autumn 2019
#22 Suzanne Fagence Cooper John Ruskin the environmentalist Autumn 2019
#23 Gina Buenfeld Astrological Botany Summer 2020
#24 Picpus We remember Li Zhensheng (1940–2020) Winter 2020
#24 Daniel Norregaard Monday Winter 2020
#24 Truman Capote Black Mirrors – Excerpt from Music for Chameleons (1980) Winter 2020
#25 Picpus Leading Light: The Photographs and Paintings of Adger Cowans Spring 2021
#25 Sam Thorne Artists’ fascination with caves and grottos Spring 2021
#25 Graham Little Kai Althoff ’s album 'Aber mich macht’s traurig' Spring 2021
#25 Frances Stark ‘UnAmerican Pavilion’ Spring 2021
#25 Sung Tieu Studying with Andreas Slominski Spring 2021
#25 Eva Kellenberger and Sebastian White Graphic designer John Melin Spring 2021
#25 Amelia Barratt Diary of a Newsagent Spring 2021
#26 Picpus The Lumière Autochrome: patented in 1903 by brothers August and Louis Lumière, was the world’s first practical colour photography process Autumn 2021
#26 Picpus In praise of the forgotten German photographer Minya Diez-Dührkoop Autumn 2021
#26 Picpus The Stained Glass Windows at The Red Lion, Smethwick Autumn 2021
#26 Picpus Anthony Hill’s Conjecture Autumn 2021
#26 Picpus We remember Lou Ottens (1926–2021), inventor of the Cassette Tape Autumn 2021
#26 Carl Williams Heart of Glass: Equipment from The Godfather of Ecstasy’s home laboratory Autumn 2021
#26 Philipp Ekardt on the work of Markus Selg Autumn 2021
#27 Ukraine Slava Ukraini! Summer 2022
#28 Rosy Head Environment Winter 2022
#29 Michael Bracewell Beca Lipscombe and Mairi McKenzie’s Dressing Above Your Station: Fashion and Textiles in the Life and Work of the Artist Steven Campbell Winter 2023
#29 Mitchell Algus The culture of consensus Winter 2023
#29 Vincent van Gogh On Franz Hals Winter 2023
#29 Leila Hekmat Glory Ad Red Winter 2023
#29 Ian Kiaer On Joeun Kim Aatchim Winter 2023
#29 Fatima Hellberg James Richards’s Qualities of Life: Living in the Radiant Cold Winter 2023
#29 Juliette Blightman On Toyen Winter 2023
#31 Stanley Brouwn A Short Manifesto Autumn 2023
#31 Beatrice Radden Keefe Masks in Mosaic Glass Inlay Autumn 2023
#31 Charles Asprey A Forest: 80s Pastoral Autumn 2023
#31 Picpus In Praise of Altoon Sultan Autumn 2023
#31 Picpus On Nader Ahriman  Autumn 2023
#31 Jem Perucchini The Debre Birhan Selassie Church, Ethiopia Autumn 2023
#31 Charlotte Bondy Aluminium Foil Designs Autumn 2023
#31 Stephen Willats Tennis Tournament. Social Resource Project For Tennis Clubs Autumn 2023
#32 Richard Torchia on Pati Hill Spring 2024
#32 Dominic Eichler Isa Genzken at the Neue Nationalgalerie Spring 2024
#32 Adam Stamp The Tramp (self portrait after Avedon / Warhol) (2023) Spring 2024
#32 Miyoko Ito Heart of Hearts  Spring 2024
#32 Tom Burr On New Directions Spring 2024
#32 Julius Neubronner Pioneering pigeons Spring 2024
#32 Jerry Saltz Pictures From a Genocide: Native American Ledger Drawings Spring 2024
#32 Steven Warwick On Jasper Marsalis Spring 2024
#L1 Isa Genzken Leporello #1 Autumn 2018
#L2 John Dunkley Leporello #2 Autumn 2018
#L3 Peter Saville Leporello #3 Autumn 2018


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